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MIAMI LumiTea, the online retailer specializing in unique tea blends for health and wellness, announced today that it is introducing a number of new blends including “Rise,” the metabolism-boosting tea and “Revive,” the anti-aging tea. LumiTea’s healthful products feature all-natural ingredients and life benefits for body, mind and spirit.

“Tea can help you shine,” said the Founder of LumiTea. “Our site features our best findings from world-wide travels. We have found superfoods for you. As the name suggest, our new teas help you rise and revive yourself. We offer tea for life.”

According to the company, LumiTea’s blends help with the processes of energy, anti-aging, immune support and stress relief. LumiTea’s goal is to give customers perfect, natural blends to help them on the road to a more enriching and satisfying lifestyle.

“Rise” tea is full of metabolism boosters, such as Ginger, Organic Ginseng, Organic Green Tea and Lemon Grass, and is sweetened naturally with zero calorie Stevia. Rise is an all-natural blend giving the body, mind and spirit a special start to the day. According to the tea experts at LumiTea, “This blend of soft sunshine-in-a-cup packs an antioxidant-immuno-punch into your morning.”

“Revive” anti-aging tea is a rejuvenating combination of an all-natural formula with a potent green tea blend. Full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this blend presents itself as a path to healing of many ailments – improving skin, immunity, inflammation, digestion, eyesight, cardiovascular system, glycemic control, and more. “Revive” is formulated with Organic Green Tea, Organic Red Chinese Date, Organic Ganoderma, Java Tea, Peppermint Leaf, Organic Goji Berry and Organic Roselle. The antioxidants in “Revive” help the body to look and feel younger and more healthy.

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MIAMI – LumiTea, the online retailer that specializes in unique tea blends for health and wellness, announced today that it is introducing a number of new blends as well as a 30 Day Detox Plan. The company’s teas feature all-natural ingredients. New products introduced include “Skinny Tea” and “Calm Sleepy Time Tea.”

“We launched LumiTea with the dream of using the power of tea to help people shine,” said Emil Levy, Founder of LumiTea. “We are a dedicated team of tea gurus. We’re presenting the results of our world travels where we discovering and bringing together some of the most powerful superfoods and herbs on the planet.”

According to the company, LumiTea’s blends help with the processes of weight loss, stress relief and boosting energy. LumiTea’s goal is to give customers perfect natural blends to help them on the road to a more enriching lifestyle. The Calm Sleepy Time Tea, for example, is an organic blend that helps people become calm and fall asleep more easily. The blend’s mix of chamomile, lavender, orange peel, and valerian root also continue to help a person while he or she sleeps. Valerian Root is known to be an effective Anxiolytic, or anti-anxiety compound. Its effect is to enable a person to enjoy better quality sleep and achieve a higher level of calm and serenity throughout the day.

The 30-day detox plan comes in the form of a 30-pack box of tea, one for each day of a detoxing cycle. Designed to go together with a healthy diet, the 30-day detox plan combines oolong tea, ginger root, hawthorn berries, Senna and lotus leaves. It is filled with powerful cleansers and antioxidants which facilitate weight loss, energy gain, and an immune system reset. Senna contains Sennosides, a natural, mild laxative. Hawthorn berries have been shown to improve circulation.

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Media Contact
Company Name: LumiTea LLC
Contact Person: Emil
Address:17890 NE 31 CT, Apt 3300
City: Aventura
State: FL
Country: United States

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Wondering how to get an extraordinary begin in the offers of commercial real estate? There is an unfathomable business sector in commercial real estate paying little respect to where you are. Besides, if you are excited about the right techniques of the business sector, you could without much of a stretch find an extremely prosperous vocation in the industry. Utilize these tips to find solid counsel for getting an extraordinary begin in a productive endeavor.

When considering a commercial real estate miami fl- Hypoec hard money equity lenders to buy, think about how the area will do in ten or a quarter century, a considerably more time frame. You’ll need to invest for the long haul to ensure that you continue to have an in number income from any area you purchase. If you think the area might be hot for a couple of years, skip it.

Knowing the different kinds of commercial real estate dealers is going to offer you some assistance with finding the one that will get the best results for you. There are specialists and generalists, and full service merchants. When buying, you will need to find a specialist to get the best results.

Full service commercial real estate miami fl- Hypoec intermediaries serve as specialists for purchasers and dealers, and also purchaser just representatives. You will definitely profit by utilizing the abilities that a purchaser representative brings to the table to you. They will provide you with the control that you require on the commercial business sector.what are current mortgage rates in florida ?

Be cautious when you are seeking a commercial real estate operators to help you with your arrangement. There are numerous operators out there that post for their own best interest before yours. Try not to give them a chance to offer a property for less, just to get their commissions much quicker than anticipated.

As a commercial real estate specialists or dealer, be prepared to practice persistence and maintain good faith. Commercial properties are considerably more costly and complex than private real estate properties; every phase of the selling and buying process is considerably more protracted than what you may be utilized to. It is not uncommon for even the most appealing commercial properties to remain recorded for quite a long time before generating a single prospective purchaser.

Be an intuitive business proprietor, don’t let commercial real estate companies hoodwink you! With a specific end goal to be an effective business, it begins at the establishment …truly! Ensure you are getting what you are really looking for when dealing with your commercial real estate opportunities. You would prefer not to wind up buying something that isn’t justified, despite any potential benefits.

If you need to know a great deal more than you presently do about selling commercial real estate so it could be a profitable vocation for your future, you can begin with the exhortation in this article. Tap into an incredible market, and take in the selling procedures that top merchants are using for achievement today.

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A detoxification diet is one way to get rid of body toxins through the help of the food we eat. Although water is an effective way of removing toxins, there are other alternative ways of doing so. It is important to know alternative ways of getting that healthy body aside from drinking more than enough water every day. Detoxification Diet makes use of shakes, juices, and other raw veggies and fruits to detoxify the body. The term suggests that detoxification means eliminating harmful waste materials that can hinder body processes and cause malfunction to the body system.

Thus, detoxification diet planning is a way o managing proper detox tea reviews diet. This includes a detailed plan about the time interval of the food intake and the amount of food required to be taken given a time frame. We know very well that our body detoxifies regularly, and the managed intake of “detox” diet food will help the process.

At the same time, your detox cleanse diet plan should include a balanced list of food that should be taken. There should be an indicated food and amount given a time frame. There are several food to choose from. However, detoxification diet offers only a limited array of choices. Your diet might include but not limited to raw fruits and vegetables, commercial “detox” products and supplements, liquid products and shakes, and a lemonade diet.

You can also choose the duration of the diet. There is a detox diet menu plan for 3 days or seven-day diet. You can even extend it for weeks or month depending on your preference. However, bear in mind that the diet should be gradual and to be taken seriously. It is just a waste of time taking a diet today and forgetting about it the next day. If you are planning to take on the challenge of getting a detoxification diet, a sound plan is a must. It is very critical for you to set goals for yourself and monitor your progress regularly.

The secret of your diet’s effectiveness will be dependent on how determined you are in getting good results out of it through proper planning, orientation, and discipline. At the same time, you should also know your body’s limitation. Don’t push too hard if you know that your body is at risk. Detox diet planning is best for people who are determined to gain results in no time.

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The satiating property of dietary protein is influenced by the time of protein consumption. Studies have shown that protein intake at breakfast has a greater satiety effect than later meal times.[3] There are several explanations as to why this is the case. Firstly, protein has a greater thermogenic effect than carbohydrates and fat, which enables the body to burn more calories.[4] Secondly, a high protein breakfast appears to slow gastric emptying, which attributes to the fact that protein appears to be the most satiating macronutrient.[5] Finally, a high protein breakfast increases the activity of glucagon,[5] which activates the pathways for glucose synthesis. One study showed that fat loss was approximately twice as much in the high-protein diet group than the moderate-protein diet group in overweight and obese individuals.

Using smaller plates helps to consume smaller portion sizes and this leads to the consumption of fewer calories.[6] Studies have shown that portion size influences energy intake.[7] People who are presented with larger portions do not report to have a higher level of satiety, which suggests that hunger and satiety signals are ignored when a large portion of food is placed in front of them.[7] In particular, one study showed that participants consumed 31% less calories with the small portion sized of a 6-inch submarine sandwich compared with the large portion size of a 12-inch submarine sandwich.

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Weight management is a long-term approach to a healthy lifestyle. It includes a balance of healthy eating and physical exercise to equate energy expenditure and energy intake. Developing healthy eating habits while using tips that will keep us fuller longer can be useful tools in weight management. Knowing what your body needs is important to weight management and can control overconsumption and underconsumption of food.

Weight management does not include fad diets that promote quick, temporary weight loss. It focuses on the long-term results that are achieved through slow weight loss, followed by retention of an ideal body weight for age, sex and height.

Rising obesity rates are a major concern in North America. About 60% of Canadians are overweight or obese.[1] Obesity is a risk factor for many chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.[2] Managing one’s weight is one factor in preventing such chronic diseases.


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